Jesus chose twelve individuals to grow in virtue and in love for him in the church. In that same spirit, we are called to grow together in small groups. Small groups can be defined as a group of 4-12 individuals who meet on a regular basis to grow spiritually and in faith. Small groups are the heart and soul of RCYA Ministry.

“The Church as Family cannot reach all her possibilities as Church unless she is divided into communities small enough to foster close human relationships. The characteristics of such communities are:they should be places engaged in evangelizing themselves, so that subsequently they can bring the Good News to others; they should be communities which pray and listen to God’s Word; they must encourage the members themselves to take on responsibility and to learn to live as Church; they reflect on different human problems in light of the Gospel; these communities are to be committed to living Christ’s love for everybody, a love which transcends the limits of the natural solidarity of clans, tribes or other interest groups.” – John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation, “ Ecclesia in Africa” 1995