This page is a hub for Catholic young adults in Regina and area who are searching for Catholic ministry events or a community with other young adults to grow spiritually and to journey in faith together.

Young Adult Catholic Ministry is the cornerstone of the life of the next generation of Catholics. Young Adult Ministry is made up of Catholic small groups and individuals who seek a greater understanding of God and wish to grow in stronger love for him. RCYA is at its peak when these groups and individuals join together in praising the Lord in the monthly featured events.

Encounter - welcome and invite

Accompany - others on their journey

Awaken - the deepness of the faith in formation and spirituality

Grow - together in ongoing faith formation and discernment


ABOUT the RCYA Leadership Team

The Regina RCYA Leadership Team have four main objectives:

  1. Bring all Catholic young adults within the Regina area together monthly for a featured RCYA event (Fuse); while also supporting other Catholic young adult events

  2. Encouragement for young adults to join or start up a small group to journey together in faith

  3. Provide a clear, central location for all RCYA events and resources